Interior and Exterior Painting

At Juan J Painting, LLC we know the meaning of a good first impression. Therefore, let our team handle your Interior and Exterior painting services; Whether it is your home or office building, we ensure your property will look amazing from top to bottom.

Beautifying Properties Inside-Out Common Areas – Kitchen, living room and patios serve to keep family and guests comfortable, so those areas deserve a broader approach. Selecting colors that make everyone feel cozy and lively. Not only can a paint job make this living space more enjoyable, but it could make your property easier to sell if that was the purpose.

Private Areas – If there was ever a place you wanted to keep beautiful and personalized, that’s your room. A new layer of paint does both of these things aside from protecting surfaces and keeping dust under control. Your imagination is the limit to what we can do, after all, it’s your special place.

Intimate Areas – The bathroom is another hot spot in the home that could be enhanced to match your aesthetic. Refresh your every day and let us remodel the look of your bathroom, the place where you cleanse and take care of yourself. We will make it look beautiful to harmonize your whole indoor experience.

Protective Surface Materials and Technique

Need to give maintenance and protect your outdoor spaces? We do the job right the first time to prevent rot and reduce UV damage from penetrating the surface. Moreover, we will improve the look of your wood and increasing its lifespan. Whether you need woodwork or concrete power washed, gutters cleaned or siding painted we can complete both large and small jobs.